A Photo Booth alternative for your wedding, party, fundraiser, prom, and more!

The Mobile Photo Booth offers a new way to capture & share your memories at an event.

Stand out from every other party!!

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Get Excited

When people see the Mobile Photo Booth with it's funky colorful ring light, they are curious as to what it is and want to try it out.  They try it once and come back for more.

Our Attendants

Our attendants will roam the dance floor, guest’s tables, bar area, etc. to capture all the fun.  They will get your guests out of the corner & participating in the party.

Instant Social Sharing

Text or email it to yourself instantly, then share on social media.   


Photos can be personalized with overlays, backgrounds or digital props.  No need to purchase props that could break, let us provide them for you at no extra cost.

View All Pictures

Not only will you see your picture right away, you will be able to view the gallery from the entire event.  

No Pressure

Take the pressure off your friends & family in remembering to send you all their pictures.  View them in your own personal online gallery.

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